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How to get to Riga?

Latvia (also Riga) is easy to reach to travellers from both West and East. Choose what transport suits you best – a plane, train, bus, car, or a ferry across the Baltic Sea.

Travelling to Riga by aircraft is easy and fast – there are direct flights to Riga provided by airports in European capitals. Or you can take a bus – there are buses travelling to Latvia from European countries, Russia, and Belarus.

Riga International Airport is the largest airport in the Baltics. The largest number of direct flights is offered to Riga from destinations.

From destinations in neighbouring countries Latvia is easily reachable by train.

How to get to Kipsala island?

  • From City Center of Riga with Buses No. 13.,37., 41., 53., station “Ķīpsala”. More information about the public transport see in „Rīgas satiksme”.
  • From Riga International Airport witn Bus No. 22., station “Kalnciema iela”.

Events, sightseeing and information for tourists in Riga: LiveRiga.